DJ Dr. Data

DJ/MC Entertainer

Paul Milnes (DJ Dr. Data), has been performing on and off as a DJ for more than 30 years. Starting in high school doing parties and school dances, he eventually paid his way through college DJing parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, and any other occasion that required music with a professional entertainer.

Paul’s love for music and high-end audio equipment has carried over into his personal life. Over the years, Paul has become an avid audiophile, with a love for not only music but also high-quality sound equipment. He loves to buy, sell, repair, and refurbish high quality and vintage audio equipment. He is constantly tweaking things to make them sound better, not only in the Center Stage music system but also throughout his home.

DJ J. Daddy

DJ/MC Entertainer

Jayson Smith, known as DJ J. Daddy, has DJed for parties, corporate events, weddings, and clubs all over the world. With a Jamaican accent and larger-than-life personality, J. Daddy brings professionalism, superior beatmatching skills, and excitement to your event or venue. He has performed locally at the University of Notre Dame, Corby's Irish Pub, Bar Louie, and all the hotspot venues in the area.

Why Choose Center Stage?

Center Stage features DJs Dr. Data and J. Daddy, two of the most talented and skillful beatmatching entertainers this side of Chicago.